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I am a registered psychologist who is passionate about helping people understand, accept and heal themselves in order to live the best life possible. I understand this can be a daunting or uncomfortable process so my aim is to make you feel in control of your therapy journey and to provide a safe space where we can work through your challenges together. 

I offer telehealth therapy sessions for a range of issues you may be experiencing such as;

~preparing for parenthood

~pregnancy anxiety

~stress, low mood or identity loss after having a baby

~wanting to feel more present with your children

~maternal guilt & anger

~feeling triggered by your child's behaviour or emotions

~having difficulty relating to the important people in your life

~having trouble finding motivation and purpose

~wanting to feel more calm and at peace in your every day parenting.

Please read more below about my special interest areas.

If it sounds like I may be able to help you, get in touch to book an appointment. 

To find out more information about starting therapy sessions with me, please read my FAQs.

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The perinatal period includes the time individuals are considering starting a family, through to parenting children up to three years of age.

Common concerns during this time include; family planning, fertility, pregnancy loss, pregnancy anxiety, birth trauma, low mood or distressing thoughts following birth, attachment and bonding, infant settling and sleep and toddler behaviour.

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Parenting is said to be the most challenging job one may ever have. Moving from infancy to toddler hood, through the school age and teenage years, it can feel like children are constantly changing, demanding more and developing different needs for parents to meet. Learning to become aware of your own triggers as a parent, how to connect with your children and understanding effective ways of peaceful discipline can lead to more content families.

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